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Mortgage Loans

Time to buy, build or refinance your home? 

Whatever your needs are 1st United Bank is ready to assist you with the best option to suit your financial situation.
We have a Conventional Fixed Rate mortgage loan which is perfect for the first time home buyer. This program requires :

  • at least one buyer is a first time home buyer
  • the home being financed is a one-unit property (including Townhomes & Condos) and not a manufactured home
  • the home buyer plans to occupy the home as your primary residence

If you have not owned a home in the past 3 years, You are eligible.

Gift funds are allowed from a relative for down payment or closing costs.
For all your purchase or refinancing needs we will work with you to find the down payment and monthly payment options to make your dream home affordable and a dream come true. We provide local servicing of your mortgage, this means you can call or stop in with us for questions on your balance, payments or escrow account. Fixed Rate Term from 10-30 years.
A bridge loan will allow you to start building your new home before you sell your current home. It's a short term loan for borrowers with equity in the current home. A bridge loan will “bridge the gap” while you are waiting for your current home to sell.

Any questions, please email us!

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