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Business Online Services

Discover a whole new way of banking

With 1st United Bank eBusiness, you can do your banking without leaving the office, saving time and streamlining the banking process. You can access your business accounts 24 hours a day, securely to:

  • View account balances
  • View account history
  • View check images (includes front and back of all checks)
  • Access multiple accounts
  • Search history (up to 13 months)
  • Transfer funds between accounts (includes automated recurring transfer option)
  • Pay bills with 1st United ePay
  • Request stop payments
  • Re-order checks
As a business customer, you can upgrade your standard Internet banking package to our eBusiness Plus, providing you additional features and functions at a reduced cost, including the ability to:

  • Submit Wire Transfer requests
  • Create ACH transactions
  • Pay Bills with 1st United ePay
  • Request stop payments
  • Positive Pay

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debit cards

Streamlined payments with our trusted debit card.

Make seamless and effortless purchases with empowered versatility.